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At Mount Vernon Coins, we offer a wide variety of collector coins, silver and gold, and currency. Our inventory of collector and investor coins includes: cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, commemorative coins, and silver dollars,  We also stock early and modern gold coins. We also have in stock an extensive inventory of US Mint Sets, Proof Sets, complete coin sets and 90% silver coins.


Featured Items

  • $10 Liberty Gold Coins

    $10 Liberty Gold Coins

    NGC MS-62 (our choice of date)


  • 1931-S Lincoln Cent

    1931-S Lincoln Cent

    NGC MS-64 RB


  • 1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent

    1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Cent

    NGC MS-66 RED


  • 1953-S Franklin Half

    1953-S Franklin Half

    NGC MS-65


  • 1923 Peace Dollar

    1923 Peace Dollar

    NGC MS-64


  • 1969-S Kennedy Half

    1969-S Kennedy Half

    NGC PF-67 Ultra Cameo


  • 1881-S Morgan Dollar

    1881-S Morgan Dollar

    NGC MS-63


  • 1950 Franklin Half

    1950 Franklin Half

    NGC MS-64 Full Bell Lines


  • 1907 Indian Cent

    1907 Indian Cent

    NGC MS-63 RB


  • 1955 Bugs Bunny Franklin Half

    1955 Bugs Bunny Franklin Half

    NGC MS-63


  • 1938-D Jefferson Nickel

    1938-D Jefferson Nickel

    NGC MS-65


  • Circulated Wheat Cents

    Circulated Wheat Cents

    Average Circ to XF