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At Mount Vernon Coin, we offer a wide variety of collector coins, silver and gold, and currency. Our inventory of collector and investor coins includes: cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, commemorative coins, and silver dollars.  We also stock early and modern gold coins, in addition to an extensive inventory of U.S. Mint Sets, Proof Sets, and complete coin sets.

Featured Items

  • 100 No Date Buffalo Nickels

    No Date, 100 Coins


  • 2014 Isle of Man Silver Angel

    One Ounce Fine Silver Gem BU


  • 1938-1964 PDS Jefferson Nickels

    All 71 BU coins in a Dansco Bookshelf Album


  • KEY DATE 1996 Certified U.S. Silver Eagles

    NGC MS-69 These NGC certified Silver Eagles are blazing white superior examples, each with exceptional eye appeal. O...


  • 1969 S Kennedy Half

    Silver Proof Cameo Rarely are these found CAMEO,with the bust of Kennedy frosted.Absolutely gorgeous examples ...and...


  • $7.85

  • $5.00 Louisiana Baby Bonds

    PMG Gem Uncirculated 65

    $98.00   On Sale  $119.00

  • 1881-CC Morgan Dollar

    NGC MS-61 DPL


  • Key Date 1931 S Lincoln Cents

    Extremely Fine • 2nd Lowest Mintage This tough date is rare in ALL grades, having the second lowest mintage of the e...


  • 1942 Lincoln Cent

    Gem Brilliant Proof

    $97.88   On Sale  $129.00

  • $895.00

  • 2012 Canadian Wildlife Moose

    ANACS MS 69 First Release